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Payment Gateway Integration


Payment Gateway Integration


M-Power client portal currently supports Stripe as a payment gateway.


Stripe Account Setup


In order to use stripe with your client portals you will need to signup for a Strip account at


Setup your Stripe account

In order to use Stripe from M-Power you need to configure a few things. Navigate to

In the Account Details section ensure that you have entered your business name. Note this is shown at the top left of the payment pages so enter it here as you want it displayed. Also enter and verify a phone number for notifications.



Create your API Keys

To connect M-Power with your Stripe account you need to create a set of API Keys. Initially these will be 'Test' keys. These allow testing your payment methods with sample Credit Card numbers and sample data without taking any actual payments.

When you are ready to go live you need to complete the Activation process within Stripe here: in order to Activate your account. Once your account is activated you can create a set of production API Keys.


Configure M-Power

Next we need to enter the API Keys created in the previous step into M-Power.






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