Overview | Order - Despatch - Invoice Variance Reporting



It is important to look for exceptions in the normal flow of orders through your business.

The Order -Despatch - Invoice variance report is designed specifically for this purpose. It is available from the Orders, Despatches and Invoices list forms using the button shown below.


It provides Order Line level tracking through these three steps allowing you to easily identify items that are:

- Ordered but Not Despatched

- Ordered but Under or Over Despatched

- Despatch Items that are not Invoiced

- Despatched items that are Under or Over Invoiced

The report uses a a date range to limit the results to the required period. The date range is applied to either the despatch date (if despatched) or order date and will result in any order lines showing where the qty does not match all the way through to the invoice.

As this is a management by exception report, there are scenarios where a variance is ok or even required. The report form provides a tick box for each row allowing the user to ignore certain variances if they are expected allowing the list to remain clean and easily managed.

Using the Report

1. Select Date Range

2. Search Order Lines that are not specifically ignored

3. Search All (used to allow lines to be Un-Ignored if required)

4. Print the list

5. Lines where there is an Order to Invoice Variance

6. Lines where there is an Order to Despatch Variance

7. Links to any related Despatch Dockets

8. Ignore Option

9. Links to any related Invoices

10. Links to the original orders


NOTE: Order Lines without any related despatch or invoice lines are automatically excluded from this report as these lines are considered to be in Work in Progress until despatched or invoiced.



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