Pick and Pack Despatching


Pick and Pack Despatching provides a means of scanning items from a job onto a despatch docket as they are packed.

To begin create a new Despatch Docket while selecting No for the 'Add All Order Lines' option. This will create a new blank docket. Note that you can select to either close the job (this despatch will complete the job) or leave it open if you are waiting on installation steps or similar to be completed using the 'Order Complete' option.


Once in the docket use the following procedure to scan items into the docket.

1. Click the Jobcard Barcode button above the Despatch Docket Grid.


2. Scan the jobcard barcodes as shown below to add lines to the docket.


3. Once all lines are scanned into the docket, complete any other relevant information such as courier docket number and print the docket.



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