Creating/Editing Despatch Docket


Creating the Docket

You can create a new docket from the following locations:

  • Despatches List
  • Within the details view of an Order

In all cases the process is the same.

Click the Add New Despatch / + Despatch button, this will show the Create Docket Dialog


1. if not creating from a job, and related to a job, search or scan the job id (this will auto-populate the company field)

2. Select if this docket will mark the related order as Complete. Depending on your workflow you may decide to keep the order open e.g. Part Deliveries /  Installation Scenarios

3. Select the Courier

4. Enter the number of boxes

5. Choose if all lines from the related job should be added to the docket.

6. Click Create Docket, once complete the Docket will be displayed for editing/printing. 


Adding Lines to a Docket

If you chose not to 'Add All Order Lines' when creating the docket then you can add lines using the buttons above the grid as detailed below:


Jobcard Barcodes - see the article on Pick and Pack Despatching

Item Barcodes - see the article on Pick and Pack Despatching

From Job - Add lines from an Order (allows searching for a Order and selecting the lines to add to the docket)

All From Job XXX - Add all lines from the Order Number listed

+ Line - Add a new line manually e.g. Freight, Notes etc.


Printing Labels

Labels can be printed for Docket Lines using the Labels button above the grid.


You can choose to print one label per line or one label per finished item. e.g. Qty 50 on a single line of the docket would print 50 x labels.





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