More Complex Client Portal Scenarios



Most small companies can be provided with a single portal to allow them to purchase the range of products you decide. Sometimes you have larger customers, they may have multiple branches and you may choose to offer different products to different branches. This article covers some ways you can fulfill these goals using the M-Power Client Portal and M-Power Aspire.

How to configure multi-branch portals

The best practice for multi-branch scenarios is to create a separate M-Power Company for each branch.  This allows you to 'silo' not only the products, pricing and logins at the branch level but also see their respective Quotes, Orders etc. in WIP grouped under the branch name.

Each branch is managed as per a standalone portal. The users for that branch can only see 'their' Products, Quotes and Orders not those of other branches which reduces confusion.

Caveats for Multi-Branch Portals

The only real downside to using separate portals for each branch is the overhead in rolling out/editing/removing bulk products across all of a companies branch portals. In these scenarios please contact and we can assist.

There are a number of tools currently in development to assist with these bulk operations and more information will be provided here once they are complete.


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