Troubleshooting Barcode Scanning


For barcode scanning to work as intended both the scanning station computer and barcode scanner itself must for correctly configured. Below are some resolutions to common issues.


The screen refreshes too fast after scanning my barcode

Please contact M-Power Support and we can configure your instance to have a longer timeout while users get used to the system. After a period of time users typically request a shorter refresh so they do not have to wait to re-scan.


I Scan the Barcode and nothing happens

This is typically the result of a mis-configured barcode scanner. Each barcode scanner when purchased comes with a manual that typically includes configuration barcodes. As each manufacturer is slightly different you will need to check with the manual for your scanner. Look for a configuration option to send 'Enter' after the scan.

You can test this in Notepad or a similar application. Place the cursor in the application window and scan the barcode. The text displayed under the code should appear in Notepad and the cursor move to the next line if everything is configured correctly.


Scanning is working but the Scan Module is Displaying Errors

Using Notepad once again, scan the process barcode from the jobcard, the text should display with a ~ (tilde) character. If not, check the computer keyboard language, selecting British English for a US keyboard mapped barcode scanner often causes this issue.

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