Edit an Invoice


Depending on the Accounting System you are using the Invoice View differs slightly.

General Information

Common features across all accounting systems, including when one is not selected, are as follows.

  1. Invoice Detials & Comments
  2. Invoice Grid
  3. Activity Panel 


Invoice Details & Comments

The Invoice Details Section contains fields related to the invoice as a whole. Any fields showing in blue can be edited by clicking on them.

Invoice Grid

The Invoice Grid is the main area that differs depending on the chosen accounting system. The common elements are the Description, Quantity, Unit Price, and Discount. By default, the Quantity, Description, Unit Price, and Discount are copied in when the invoice is created from either the Order or Despatch Docket.

New lines can be added manually as required using the + Add Line button.

Activity Panel


The notes area displays system and user notes and allows creation of user notes on demand. Use the + Add Note button to a new notes.


The files panel displays and provides a means of uploading files related to an invoice.

MYOB Specific Features

When using MYOB the Grid also shows columns for MYOB Item and MYOB job in addition to MYOB Tools in the top right corner of the view.


See the article on MYOB for more information.

XERO Specific Features

When using Xero the Grid also shows columns for Xero Item and Xero Tracking Category in addition to Xero Tools in the top right corner of the view.


See the article on Xero for more information.

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