Editing a Quote


Quote Overview

The quote form comprises 3 main sections, Quote Details & Description [1], Grid [2] and the More Panel [3]


Quote Details & Description

The Quote Details and Description section allows customisation of the quote particulars like Contact, Status, Delivery Address, etc.


The Grid contains the price line elements and tools add, edit, copy and delete lines. There are two types of grid lines, manual entries where you enter the description and price manually, and, products. When products are added they trigger the product wizard which prompts you for relevant information to populate the underlying recipe and generate a description and price. Product Lines show with a small calculator icon in the Action Column. This button allows you to modify the Operations and Materials contained in the underlying recipe.

Grid Line Tools


1. Copy Grid Line

Click the Copy button to duplicate a grid line

2. Changing Grid Text, Qty etc.

Regardless of the grid line type you can use the Pencil Icon to edit the Line Description, Qty etc. When the modification is complete be sure to click the Green Tick button to save your changes.

3. Edit Product Line Recipe

Click the Recipe Editor button to open the recipe editor dialog. See the article on recipe editing for more information how to edit recipe elements.

4. Delete Line

Click the Delete button to delete the grid line. Note that is cannot be undone.

Editing Product Line Recipes

More Panel

The More panel contains additional tools and information that is not relevant to all users.

Notes Tab

The notes panel lists all system and user-generated notes related to the quote.

Advanced Tab

The Advanced contains fields that can override the default values for a quote.

Quoted By - by default the employee who created a quote will be listed, you can override this if required.

Trading Terms - by default the trading terms for a quote will be copied in from the related customer when it is created, you can override these for specific quotes if required.

Profit Centre - by default the quote will be linked to the same profit centre as the related customer. You can override this to select a different profit centre and related quote template markup and branding if required.

Client Visible - by default quotes created in M-Power Aspire is not visible in the optional client portal application. If you have would like to create a quote for you customer who is using the client portal and make it available to them you can override this setting to yes and it will show in their portal quote list.

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