Configuring and Using the Quote Approval Workflow


In addition to the typical email quote function, M-Power Aspire also includes an optional 'single-use link' based quote approval workflow.

Note that this feature is global to your installation, once enabled, all quotes emailed will include the email approval link but default. Your customers can of course choose to not use the link and instead reply directly by email if they prefer.

When using this feature the email quote workflow is unchanged with the exception of a link being included within the email text. The pdf attachment is still sent with the email.

How does it work?

1. Sales Person Emails a Quote to their customer

2. The customer clicks the link to review the quote online

3. The customer can either approve the quote or markup the pdf and request changes

4. The Sales Person will receive a notification via email that the quote has been reviewed and either Approved or Changes Requested. They can view the marked-up version of the quote in the quote files panel. A note is also added to the quote detailing the action.

5. The quote can be converted to an order or adjusted and re-sent

How do I configure this feature?

1. Go to settings > Lists > Email Defaults

2. Modify your default email template to include the __APPROVEURL__ tag within your text


That's it, any new quotes will now automatically include the approval workflow!

What about if I want to add to an existing quote?

If you have an existing quote, you can re-send and in the compose window before sending the email just include the __APPROVEURL__ tag. When you send the email the link will be included in place of the tag.

What if I want to exclude the link from a single email?

When in the email send dialog, you can simply delete the __APROVEURL__ text and the link will not be included when the email is sent.


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