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M-Power is based on the idea that:

  • All companies sell products and services to their clients
  • Each product we sell has a collection of information that describes how to source, make & price the product. 

We organise this information into a structure we call a 'recipe'  - because like a cooking recipe it contains the materials we use ('the ingredients')  and the list of processes we need to carry out in sequence (the workflow) to turn these materials into a product we sell. 


Product Pricing

Sometimes we know the price of the product in advance - in this case, our product might have one price for everyone, or we have a price list that gives different prices for the product based on factors such as client type or quantity purchased.

We use a 'recipe' to calculate the price of a product when there are more factors that a simple price list can explain. 

Creating Products

The starting point is to list your products on the attached spreadsheet. We will then create them manually in the system or import them from a 'product library' of standard products manufactured across the industry.

Please see the following video to explain how to list your products in the spreadsheet. Remember this is just a starting point - together we will refine these recipes together in M-Power 


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