Importing Materials


Materials can be manually entered into M-Power, imported from our standard spreadsheets or migrated from your custom spreadsheet. 

Standard Spreadsheet

Our spreadsheet is attached to this article. Copy and paste materials into this spreadsheet and we will import them for you. The columns that we have highlighted in yellow are needed by M-Power. Please find some descriptions of the fields below.

It is not necessary to make this 'perfect' the list can be exported and re-imported at a future date. Items can be easily edited in the system at any time - this is just a quick way to get you started.


supplierName The name of the primary supplier
itemDescription The material description you will see in the material list. This will appear on the purchase order you raise to suppliers
itemDimensionX The width of the material in mm. For roll materials, this is the width of the roll
ItemDimensionY The length of the material in mm. 
ItemDimensionX The thickness of the sheet
itemFormulaID This is the formula type used in quoting.
unitCost The price you pay to the supplier (excluding freight
LandedCost The cost to you (per unit) including freight to your location at your normal purchase quantity
Sellprice The price you sell material at. It is best to leave this blank so that the price is the cost + markup. 
DefaultMarkup When a material is added to a quote, the default markup will be added also. 
minLineCost If the calculated value is less than this number, the quote will use this value
PublicDescription A client friendly description. When descriptions are generated for quotations and orders this description will be used rather than the technical description
supplierPartNumber The part number used by the supplier. Normally this is shown on their invoice or delivery docket
ourPartNumber An internal part number you may use for searching and grouping items. Part numbers are a very powerful tool to drive efficiency in your business.
itemNotes An notes you wish to record about the item - how you use it, 
GSM Grams per square metre - used for paper stocks
InventoryItem Enter 1 if you wish to track inventory transactions against this item and maintain a stock count
minimumStockQty The minimum stock quantity you wish to maintain before re-ordering
ItemCategoryMaster A master category | Raw Materials, Finished Goods, Services
ItemCategoryID A category for grouping materials for costing purposes
itemImagePath The path for showing an image in the system
PackSize It is easier to record all item costs as their price per unit. You can however order materials from a supplier as a 'pack of 10 sheets' and in this case the unit price should show the 'Price per Pack' and this field should record 10 - the system will then divide the unit price / pack size to arrive at the per unit cost used in quotes
Revision The revision of the part # 
UnitofUse Optional | A description only of how the unit is used 
purchaseUOM Optional | A description for the supplier of the unit you are purchasing 
standardOrderQty the quantity that will be reordered by default

Custom Spreadsheet

You may have your own spreadsheet of materials. If this contains a large number of items it may be practical to import it for you. A custom spreadsheet will take us around 2 hours to script. This timewill come off your installation allowance so we prefer that you use our spreadsheet.

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