How do I close a Job?


Work-in-progress is the list of jobs that have been ordered but are not yet complete. You can close a job a number of ways to remove it from WIP. 

The recommended way for closing a job that has been dispatched to clients is to create a dispatch docket. This then creates the correct data linkages for effective invoicing and reporting

In Summary

  • Normally you close a job by creating a dispatch docket. Find the job in WIP, click on the [dispatch/Invoice] tab in the lower section and press the dispatch or invoice button.  The docket does not need to be printed but acknowledges that the job was completed
  • If you don't want to do this (perhaps it is an internal job) entering a date in the dispatch date field will close it from WIP - see (1) below
  • A WIP 'Event' can be created so you press a button and it closes the job and writes a log record to this effect (3) 
  • If a job is 'Cancelled' then you may want to record this in the system so that it clear for the next order - using the cancel job button in WIP closes the job, reverses the grid items (so that the pricing is available but zeroed, and writes a note to this effect (2)




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