Understanding M-Power Workflow


M-Power Workflow has been design to provide a simple and intuitive interface covering the following core areas:

  1. Scan - Factory Floor Time Recording using Barcodes
  2. WIP - Simple overview of all current open jobs
  3. Queus - A queue based interface to manage Work In Progress using a PC or Tablet
  4. Display Scan - Auto-refreshing list of currently timed operations (great for display on TV's)
  5. Reports/KPIs - Pre-defined reports and key performance indicators related to production
  6. Schedule - A simple scheduling module
  7. Receiving - Receive goods you have purchase from suppliers
  8. Shipping - Ship your finished goods to your customers
  9. About - View the support information and access our help desk widget

Depending on your subscription level and system configuration you may not have access to all the modules in the list above. If not and you are interested please contact us for more information.

The Scan Module

Scan provides a user friendly and quick means of recording time spent processing jobs through the system. Each job has a jobcard that contains barcodes for each process and/or material. Optionally, scan also allows you to record Clock-On and Clock-Off events when employees arrive and leave the premises. This can be helpful with analysing time information as it allows contrasting the 'active' time against the 'at work' time.

To use the Scan module each user must be configured with a user barcode, see this article on how to create users and print their barcodes.

All scan functions follow a simple procedure:

Scan Employee Barcode -> Scan Action Barcode

The typical process for recording time against a process e.g. packing a parcel would be as follows:

Before beginning the action you first Scan your Employee barcode then in this case, the 'Packing' barcode on the jobcard. You would then go and perform the task. Upon completion simply Scan your employee code again then the same 'Packing' barcode. The system will close off that timing segment and record it against the job for later analysis.

Clock-On/Clock Off is handled in the same fashion however instead of a 'jobcard barcode' you scan a static Clock On or Clock Off code. M-Power will assist you with setting up these codes. Most user then stick them to the desk beside the scanning pc for easy access.

If you were to look at a full day it would contain a series of scanning events as shown below:


Start Packing J1234

End Packing J1234 - the system calculates the duration from the start time and records.

Start Packing J1325

End Packing J1325 - the system calculates the duration from the start time and records.


Clock-Off - the system calculates the duration from the clock-on time and records.

Scanning Materials Usage is also similar, you simply scan the Material code on the jobcard instead of a process barcode. The system will then prompt you for the qty of the material which is recorded against the job.

For more information please see the Scan section of this guide: https://mpowersoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/202201983-Scanning


The WIP Module


The Queues Module


The Display Scan Module


The Reports Module


The Schedule Module


The Receiving Module


The Shipping Module


The About Module


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