M-Power is running slow


There are a number of reasons for slow performance, virtually all are related to network performance, particularly when using a remote (cloud or hosted) server as apposed to one within your company network.

M-Power is located in the cloud or on a remote server

First test your connectivity to the internet. A slow connection or one with a lot of contention (processing a lot of data) - particularly ADSL where the up-link is much smaller than the down-link will present as very slow performance. When you click on a button it will take seconds for the action to occur. This is because when you click the notification is sent to the server which then performs the action and returns the new screen update. When the network is busy the click notification has to wait in a queue of other data to get to the server before it can be processed.

You should test your network to check for this issue, noting that it will be transient. You will only notice slow performance when there is contention on the link, when it clears you will again see normal performance levels.

You should run the test when everything is working well to gauge 'normal' performance levels for your link, this provides a baseline. Then run again when there is slow performance to see the difference.

Speedtest is only one of a number of utilities available for this purpose and we provide the link to it here as a courtesy. Please review any terms etc. for this service before using.



A good result looks like this:

1. Latency is low (<50)

2. Jitter is low (<10)

3. Download Speed is Good (>10 Mbps)

4. Upload Speed is Good (>0.6 Mbps)

And a bad result looks like this:

1. Latency is High (>50)

2. Jitter is High (>10)

3. Download Speed is Low (<10 Mbps)

4. Upload Speed is Low (<0.6 Mbps)

If you get a bad result it can be a good first step to reset your router. NOTE: only do this with IT/Management Permission as this will result in the internet link being down for 1-10mins depending on the router and configuration. If the issue is related to pure data throughput i.e. Dropbox upload, iCloud backups etc. then resetting the router will not resolve the problem. You will have to decide on the priority of your internet usage and potentially upgrade to a faster connection, throttle uploads (dropbox) or potentially run non-realtime (dropbox etc.) applications on another link.


M-Power is located internally

First check with your internal IT department to see if there are any know networking issues. If the problem persists please contact M-Power so we can assess and advise on the possible cause and resolve if necessary.

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