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You can attach pricelists to products within M-Power to list the combinations of prices that you sell. A pricelist can accommodate the following criteria (or combination of criteria)  within the same pricelist

  • A fixed price for all  
  • Prices that are dependent on the customer class that the client belongs to - for instance a Retail Client, A distributor client etc
  • Prices that are specific to a configuration of the product - also called a 'variation', 'criteria' or product option.  These options might be 'size', a finishing method etc
  • A special price specific to a client, regardless of the customer class they belong to. For instance a retail client may receive a distributor price this product only.
  • Prices that are dependent on the quantity purchased
  • Prices that are calculated based on a fixed and variable component - ie $150.00 (setup)  and $20 for each item after.


How Pricelists are Used

Within a sales order, quotation or job you select a product from the sold items list.  The system will prompt for the quantity you require and for a price option (if applicable)

As the system knows which client the current transaction is related to, the system will filter the pricelist by the quantity, client and price option to return the price. The price will then be copied into the invoice/quote/sales order grid. The description it returns for the item can be further customised as required



The steps involved depend on whether you are creating a pricelist for an item already exists or whether you are creating a new item. 

Overview of Steps

  • Click the item list icon off the main ribbon
  • Click on sold items tab
  • a) If you are creating a new item - Click 'Add' to open the Price Wizard form
    b) If you are adding a pricelist to an existing item, press [>] to open the item, and then press [price list] to open the Price Wizard form
  • Complete the price wizard dropdown options
  • Add variations, of items (if any)
  • Enter the prices in the Grid


The detailed instructions for each step above follow.








The Price Wizard

The price wizard creates the pricelist automatically based on the selections you make below. For a new item it will open when you press [new item] off the item list. For an existing item, open the item and press the [price list] button - instructions following this section

  1.  Always select 'price List' as shown if you have predetermined prices for your product. The other options on the list relate to prices that are calculated based on the elements the user enters (like sizes etc)
  2. Select  'NO' if the same price applies for all quantities. Select 'YES' if you have different prices for different bands of quantities - for instance 1-5 units has one price, 6-20 has another price etc
  3. Select 'NO' if all clients receive the same price structure as each other - select 'YES' if some client groups receive different pricing. IE  select 'YES' if you have resellers or distributors that receive a different price to retail clients.

    NOTE:  This selection is only made for 'Groups' / 'Classes'  of clients that have the same pricing. If each client has their own unique price list - then select 'NO' and you can enter their prices later

  4. Select 'NO' if there is only one variation of the product. Select YES if there are different variations of the product that have different prices

Select [next] after completing the options



Modifying an Existing Item

Use this section if you have an existing item and want to add a pricelist to it. Refer to steps above to open the item. Press the [create pricelist] but  (1) as per the image below to invoke the price list wizard



Enter the selections as per 2,3,4  The detailed description of these options is detailed under the price wizard section above.

Press next - and the system will advise that the form will close (to apply your settings). 

Re-open the item and continue to add price options (following section)




Entering Pricing Options/Criteria

Note this this section is only necessary if you have pricing options as described above. 

  1. Press button (1) for pricing options
  2. Press button (2) to add a new pricing option
  3. Enter the name of your pricing option
  4. Press OK
  5. When Refreshed the item will appear on the list



Completing the Price Grid

One you have entered options (if any) then you can enter your prices into the grid. Some fields will be locked depending on the selections you made for customer class, quantity breaks etc

  1. Make a selection from the criteria/options list if applicable  (1) 
  2. If you have special prices for given client only, make a selection from the client list (2)
  3. If you selected 'YES' for a quantity breaks then enter a range in (3) taking care not to overlap the quanties - ie 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 etc
  4. Enter the price in (4)
  5. Optionally, enter a markup in (5).  This is useful if you have reseller and retail class pricing - you can enter the same price for both but a different percentage markup for clarity. THe price the system will return will be price * (1+markup)

See further examples below the next Image




EXAMPLE:  Completed price list with quantity break pricing for each Price Option





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