Viewing Job Details


You can view additional data about a job by either clicking on the Job Number in the queue or clicking the \/ button on the right end of the job and selecting Job Details.

The Job Details dialog is divided into a number of tabs each of which is detailed below.

The Details Tab:

The Details Tab provides an overview of the job. Details of each field are included below after the screenshot.

Work Order Number: the unique number M-Power automatically gives each job

Customer Order Number: the Purchase Order Number from your customer

Customer: the customer name related to this job

Agent: the name of the agent related to this job (optional)

External Contact: the contact name for an external contact or advisor (optional)

Workflow: the recipe/template that was selected for this job.

Status: the current status and position within the workflow for this job. Additionally you can add a user entered status to provide more clarity on a particular job.

Description: the one line description for this job, this is shown in the queue lists.

Profit Centre: the profit centre this job is related to, by default you will only have a single profit centre unless you are also using M-Power MIS.

Created Date: the date the job was created

Scheduled Completion Date: the date the job is scheduled to be completed

Due Date: the date the job is due to be completed

Closed Date: the date the job was closed (will show as 'open' until closed)

Owner: the user who created the job

Job Type: by default all jobs are standard, you can change this to shared if you would like a job to be worked on simultaneously by multiple users in at the same process 

The Scope Tab:

The scope tab allows for a long description of the job.

The Additional Data Tab:

Each installation of Workflow can include a number of Additional Data fields that are included for each job. These can be pre-filled or be blank by default when a new job is created. Each data field can be either a ext field or select list. We customise this list at the time your Workflow installation is first configured.

The Notes Tab:

This tab lists all notes for a job. By default is shows only user entered notes but each action within Workflow is logged and you can view these system log entries by clicking the System Notes button.

The Timing Tab:

You can view all time records related to a job in this tab. You can add time segments if required and edit existing entries.

The Tools Tab:

The Tools Tab allows you to preform administrative tasks related to a job like re-open closed jobs, mark them as urgent etc. 

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