Quickly swapping between timing on jobs


In a dynamic environment you are often moving from one job to another in response to phone calls, emails, support tickets etc. 

Workflow allows you to quickly swap between jobs/processes as long as you follow a few simple steps. Note that when we are are switching between jobs using this process you are effectively ending but not completing one job and beginning another. If you are wanting to complete the current job use the close button and mark the process complete instead.

The workflow:

1. Record the details of what you are doing when commencing work on a process

Once you are working on a process get in the habit of adding a note describing what you are completing. This allows the process time segment to be closed without any additional information being required but maintains details of what you were working on. To do this click the \/ button [1] then click Edit Timing Note [2]

Enter the details [1] then click OK [2].

 2. When you are required to move to another process or job you can just click the [>] button for that job in the queue [1]

This will end timing on the current process and start timing on the new one. You should then Edit the timing note for this process so you are ready for the next change.

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