Attaching Additional Files when Emailing a Quote


M-Power allows you to attach additional files when you email a quotation. These will be attached to the email along with the PDF file of the quotation itself.

Depending on your installation configuration there are two different setup methods. Once the setup is complete the process of attaching the file to the email is essentially the same.

Note that if you are using M-Power from a cloud server (not internally in your company network) then keep in mind that any file you want to attach will need to be transported across the internet to the M-Power server before it can be attached. This process is handled automatically but if the file size is large it can take some time.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Client Application Configuration

If you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client to connect (application), you will need to enable this connection to access your local computer in order to allow M-Power to retrieve and attach your file.

Right-Click on your M-Power Icon and select Edit. In the dialog select the Local Resources Tab [1], then the More button [2], Expand the Drives [3] and tick the hard drives on your computer from which you would like to attach files [4]. Then click OK. Finally go back to the General tab and click Save to save your changes to the connection file. Now when you connect to the server your local files within the drive you selected will be available to you.

When using this method there is no requirement to upload the file before attaching it.

Web Connection Method (you access M-Power through a brower)

There is no configuration required when using the web connection method but you will need to upload the files before you can attach them. To do this first expand the menu bar at the top of the screen by clicking on the small arrow icon [1], then click the PC Upload button [2], navigate to the required file and double-click it (or select it and click ok). Your file will now upload and be located in the WebFiles folder on the server ready for you to attach it to an email. Note that this folder is transient, each time you disconnect it is cleaned out.


Attaching Files

From your Quote, Invoice etc. Click the Normal Email button. Then click the Attachments [1] button in the Email Dialog. Click the [+] button [2], then select the Drive [3] from your computer (if using the Web version of M-Power this will be called WebFiles, if using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client this will be the Drive Letter on your local machine e.g. D:\). Navigate to and select the file you want to attach [4]. Click OK [5] and finally close the file attachment dialog [6]. Now when you send the email the file you have attached will send with your email.



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