Add a Product to the Client Interface


Products are easily entered to a specific clients portal through the main m-power MIS

You can add existing products, or you can create client specific products that may have been created in a previous job.

It is important that the products have been setup appropriately and that the client has been allocated pricing for the product.


Add Existing Products

  • Go to the client home page
  • Click on the 'More' tab above the [Add Client] button
  • Click on the [item] button
  • Click add existing item
  • Filter the list to find the item(s) you require
  • Click [+] to add these to the list
  • They will now appear in the client interface






Add A Client Specific Item

Clients often have products that have been customised to their own needs. These will have been ordered in a previous job and this job should contain the recipe for this product

We need to turn that recipe into an item that can be ordered through the client interface


  • Find the job on the client job list that was used to create the product
  • Ensure that the variation containing the recipe is selected (yellow) in the variation list
  • On the tools tab  (1) , click [make client item]  (2)
  • This will create the item and open up the item detail
  • Complete the item price list elements to ensure that the price is correct   (see below)



Modifying the Pricing of a Client Specific Item

Following the instructions above will make a client specific item and add it to the client interface (for the client)

By default the item will have the pricing method set as a template (which means the price is calculated each time based on the contents of the recipe)

It is likely however that you will wish to lock down the pricing for this item now that it's full configuration is known

If this is the case, change the pricing method to a Price List  (1) , and complete the grid with the pricing (2)

If you did want to keep the pricing method as a template the you can drill into the BOM # in the grid to edit the contents









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