Task Management


You can manage your tasks within M-Power and even assign tasks to other users whilst still maintaining an overview of your delegated tasks.

You manage tasks from the main customer screen. The task panel is located on the on the right of the customer form and is divided into  My Tasks and Delegated Tasks.

My Tasks [1] lists all your outstanding (not completed) tasks.

Delegated Tasks [2] show tasks you have delegated to others and tasks others have delegated to you. The assignee is clearly shown beside each delegated task [3] so you know who is currently responsible for it. Delegated tasks will remain in this panel until they are completed.

You can view the details of any task but clicking on the [>] button beside the task.

Creating Tasks

To create a new task either for yourself or to assign to another user click the [ + ] button at the top of the task panel.

In this dialog you select the related customer, enter your notes, due date, type, action and Assignee. Simply close the dialog to save the task.

If you are using the Sales Pipeline you can created tasks from the Actions Panel of any Sales Lead.

Closing/Marking Complete Tasks

You can mark tasks complete by ticking the completed box [1] beside each task. You can mark you own and your delegated tasks complete from the same main panel.




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