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Labour cost is a significant expense for most companies, and for this reason a labour charge out rate is major element of most quoting formulas. Comparing actual labour costs with estimated costs is a important concept in job costing

M-Power enables staff to record their time either through barcode scanning on the factory floor or using the keyboard

Any time scanned against a job is shown in the  timelog screen lists all discrete time segments that have been scanned against the job.

The time log section of the job review screen allows a user to

  • Modify/Correct a time segment
  • Add a new Time segment


Modify a Time Segment

  • Select the time segment (2) that requires alteration - press the button
  • A popup form will appear contain details of the time segment
  • Change the start or finished date/time as required (3)
  • If a finish time has not be entered, either enter the estimated finish time direct in (3) taking care to follow the format shown
  • Alternatively, press (4) and it will prompt you for the estimated duration in hours - enter a value and it will calculate and enter the finish time



Add a Time Segment

Adding a time segment follows a very similar process to modifying a segment. 

  • press button (1). This will add a time segment to the list for the current job
  • press button (2) to edit the new time segment
  • Each of the time elements will now need to be entered.
    • Select a user from (3)
    • Select a process from (4)
    • Modify the estimated start time and finish time (5)
    • Alternatively press (6) to quickly add a defined number of hours to the job assuming the start and finish time are not critical
    • Comments can also be entered




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