Reporting - Overview


M-Power is powered by a database system which allows almost any data to be reported from the system. The primary tools for reporting are:

  • M-Power MIS   - static reports
  • M-Power Visual Analytics
  • M-Power KPI
  • Custom Data Queries


M-Power MIS

The M-Power MIS has a number of standard reports that can be accessed from within the system.  These include:

  • Daily KPI reports - inwards sales, invoiced sales, scan data
  • WIP Reports - work in progress reports showing the status of all jobs that are work in progress
  • Inventory Reports - products that require ordering, stock count status
  • Sales Reports - Sales by account manager and profit centre
  • Reconciliation Reports - reports to ensure reconciliation between M-Power and external systems such as MYOB And Xero


Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics is a separate windows desktop application that allows the generation of dynamic reports. The user selects from columns of data to include or exclude criteria from his chosen dataset. The resulting data can be viewed graphically or analysed further as a pivot table. The user can save the query as a favourite so the selections do not need to be made next time. The pivot table can be downloaded to excel.


M-Power KPI

M-Power KPI is a web based tool designed to allow Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to be projected onto large screens throughout a workplace. An admin user determines which KPI's he/she wishes to view and these are shown on the display for a predetermined time before the display cycles to the next KPI on the list. Being a web based system, users can visit the KPI webpages on their own PC, tablet or phone to get a snapshot of the key KPI's for their business


Custom Data Queries

With the appropriate IT configuration M-Power data can be connected to from external programs such as Excel, Word and third party report generators such as Crystal Reports and Telerik Reports. M-Power also has a service where we can also create complex data queries to extract almost any data from the system for your own analysis (providing that you have entered the data.







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