Best Practice - Production and Billing Management


The Quote to Invoice Workflow comprises the following steps:

Quote -> Order -> Dispatch -> Invoice -> Accounting System

Following this workflow provides the system with checkpoints to:

  • Ensuring what customers have ordered is manufactured
  • Ensuring what is manufactured is dispatched
  • Ensuring what is dispatched is invoiced
  • Ensuring what is invoiced is transferred to your accounting system (dependant on accounting software)

M-Power provides a great deal of flexibility with how processes can be applied. It is important that you instigate your own internal process as to how the system is used within your business.

e.g. It is possible to manually create jobs, however it is but much better to Convert a Quote to a Job where a quote exists as this reduces double-handling and provide traceability. You can also close jobs out of WIP without Dispatching, this is sometimes necessary but it is much better to Dispatch jobs as this allows reporting of Jobs that are In-Process and Not Dispatched. 

Use the following articles to guide you through the Best Practice workflow for using M-Power.

Quote to Order Conversion

Work in Progress Management

Dispatching Orders using the Main M-Power Interface (video) or Factory Interface

Invoicing Orders



In addition to the live wip and dispatch list screens detailed in the above articles there are a number of reports available to cross-check that nothing is being missed in the process.

View the following articles for details on some of reports that are available (if your installation does not show some of these reports please contact us to enable them).

Quote Conversion

WIP Management

Orders Compared to Dispatch Dockets

Dispatch Dockets Compared to Invoices



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