Processing Invoices


Open the application using the M-Power Invoice Export Module icon.

You can then work with invoices as follows:

1. Enter the date range to select a batch of invoices, this can be a single day if required. Note that this is simply selecting a batch of invoices to work with, you can then select the individual invoices you want to export in a later step.

2. Click Select Invoices and any invoices meeting the criteria will be loaded in the interface.

3. As invoices are added they are checked to ensure that they have a MYOB Item ID selected and a GL Code selected. The Verify panel details the summary of the status of the invoices.

Any invoices that have missing MYOB Item ID's must be rectified in M-Power. Their is no facility in the Exporter Module for selecting MYOB Item ID's.

4. Any invoice with missing GL Codes can then be resolved by clicking on the InvoiceID hyperlink. This will open the Invoice Line Items dialog and allow selection of GL Codes for each line.

5. Select a GL Code for each line.

6. If all lines are the same as the first selection you can use the copy button to copy that GL Code to all other blank lines.

7. Click OK to close the dialog.

8. Correctly configured invoices will have a green indicator and be automatically selected for export.

9. Click Export to export the invoices. Upon completion of the export you will be asked if you would like to open the export folder and view the created CSV file.


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