Invoice a job to a different company


Sometimes it is necessary to create invoices for jobs manufactured for one customer but addresses to another customer. This is often the case with customer branch office orders being billed to their head office or a customer my request that you bill their customer directly.

In either case you can configure M-Power to achieve this.

Before creating the invoice navigate to the main customer form.

  1. Search for the customer under which you have manufactured the job.
  2. Click Details
  3. Click Linked Data
  4. In the Invoice To field select the customer you want the invoice to be assigned to
  5. Create the invoice as normal
  6. Any Invoices created for the customer will now be automatically assigned to the selected company.
  7. If this is a once only change, then navigate back to this form and remove (select and delete) the customer name from the Invoice To field once the invoice is created.

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