Printing with HTML5 (Web Connection)


If your installation is running from one of our 'web enabled' cloud servers and you are connecting using a web browser you can print directly to your local printer.

Simply select print from the required application and whent he print dialog appears select 'Universal Printer' [1] as the printer to use then click Print [2].


Depending on your browser settings the pdf page will either open as a new tab in the browser or you will get a notice like that shown below to click and download.



I click Print but a new tab does not open with the generated PDF:

This is most likely due to the browser blocking the new tab. Below are instructions for Google Chrome, other browsers will have similar functions.

[1] Enter 'chrome://settings/contentExceptions#popups' in the url field and click enter.

[2] Enter [*.] where xx is the number of the cloud server your account is on into the box.

[3] Select Allow and Finished

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