Printing Using TSPrint


TSPrint is a third party software utility that provide an easy to use means of printing and saving pdf documents from Remote Desktop Servers.

M-Power purchases the licenses for our servers, the client software is free.

To begin you will need to download and install the TSPlust software on the computer from which you connect to M-Power.

Note that to install the software you cannot have any open Remote Desktop sessions running so please log out of the M-Power Cloud server before proceeding.

Download the client software from here:

(You want the 'Client' download)

Once downloaded, run the installer to complete the installation.

Once installed simply open up your normal connection to the M-Power Cloud Server. The TSPrint software automatically sees the connection and starts working.

When you select Print in M-Power or another program such as MYOB you will be presented with the normal print dialog. Note the TSPrint printer options.

1. TSPrint Default will attempt to print directly to your local printer. This is the 'Default' printer on your local computer. It is important to ensure that you have set a default printer otherwise printing will not work.

2. TSPrint PDF will create a pdf of the print job then prompt you to select a location to save the PDF as shown below. This can be either on the server [1] or locally on your computer (normally what you will want) [2]. Click the required button and then you will be prompted for a file location to save the file. The PDF File is then created and if you chose to save locally, copied down to your machine at the location you requested. 

Send Email [3] will create the pdf and automatically open a new email on your local machine with the file attached ready for you to send it.

2. TSPrint Printer is the same as [1] TSPrint Default with the exception that you will prompted to select a local printer to print the document on.



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