Xero - Checking which Invoices have been Exported (variance report)


With M-Power we endeavour to Manage by Exception, the variance reports has been designed to highlight items that potentially require your attention. If you find that an item on the report is not an issue simply disregard it.

To view the variance report follow this procedure:

From the main customer screen, click the settings button then Sales > at the top left of the screen.

1. Enter/Edit the date filters [1] then select the Xero-MPower Variances report [2] 


2. The variance report will show two main conditions, an invoice is not yet exported [1] or the invoice is present in Xero but the totals do not match [2]

Troubleshooting Variances:

Issue: The totals appear to match but the Xero total is still showing in red and showing on the variance report.

Resolution: This is typically due to a rounding error in the invoice totals (past 2 decimal places). Satisfy yourself that the totals match and then disregard that line.


Issue: Xero is reporting a value but the Invoice column of the report is showing $0.00

Resolution: This occurs when the invoice lines are manually created, when M-Power copies the Invoice Lines into the invoice it also copies other data like the JobID which allow the reports to correlate the Dispatch->Xero->Invoice joins. Without this data the system is not able to match the items up. Please verify that the invoice is entered in M-Power and Xero manually, if all is ok then disregard that line.

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