Creating Basic Typed Quotes


Whilst M-Power includes the functionality to calculate the pricing for your products it can be good to initially get started with plain typed quotations.


Start at the main customer screen and select/search fro the customer for whom you would like to provide a quote. Check that you have the customer contact entered under the customer. Then click the Quotes [1] button.


You can then select the New Quote button [1]:


In the new quote form:

[1] Select the Product type

[2] Select the customer contact

[3] Edit/Enter a description (this would normally be describing the project or overall quote).

[4] Enter a quantity for the line

[5] Enter the line description (you can double-click to view in a resizeable popup which is helpful for large blocks of text.)

[6] Enter the Unit Price

[7] Preview the quote by clicking on the report name


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