Creating and Managing Sales Opportunities


Sales Opportunities are typically created either at the prospecting stage when seeking new customers or sales or in the case of existing products at the point of providing a quotation. The Sales Pipeline allows you to review the current Opportunities. 


Managing your Prospects

When cold calling, sending a prospect samples or even entering into preliminary discussions regarding a potential sale you can use a Sales Opportunity to keep track of everything. The opportunity allows you to detail the stake holders, any communications, events that occur and even create tasks to remind you of upcoming events. Once you get to the quotation stage the quotes are also linked to the opportunity allowing a full chronology of the opportunity.


Creating a Sales Opportunity when Prospecting

To create a sales lead use the Ribbon, first select the Create Tab [1], then the Lead button [2]. Select the customer, contact and enter other details as required in the dialog that is opened.



Managing Quotations

When a quotation is emailed M-Power will prompt you to create an Opportunity. This allows you to manage the quotation in the sales pipeline including keeping notes on follow-ups, alterations and quotation outcomes. This allows the customer relationship to be managed by more than one staff member and gives all authorised staff the information they need to assist in closing the sale.

It is important to manage the sales pipeline so that you have an accurate snapshot of your potential sales. If a quotation is related to an opportunity a prompt is shown when the quotation is converted to an order allowing the user to close the opportunity and provide information on what were the factors that closed the sale. If the quote is not related to a Lead it can be manually marked with a status as follows, from the Sales Pipeline select Quotes [1] then find the quote in question. Use the dropdown box to set the status [2].


Creating a Sales Opportunity from a Quotation

When a quotation is emailed you will be prompted to create a related opportunity if one has not already been created. This process ties the quotation to the opportunity and records the emailing of the quotation within the opportunity automatically.


Closing Sales Opportunities

If you use the Make Order function from a Quotation a dialog will be shown alowing you to close and record the outcome of the Opportunity. To manage and manually close opportunities use the Sales Pipeline (button located under the customer details on the customer form).

From the Sales Pipeline select the Leads tab [1] then select the lead in question [2]. Click the Close button [3] then fill out the information in the Close Lead dialog [4-7]





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