Common Email Errors and Resolutions


Invalid Server Settings - This server does not allow Relay.

If emailing has been working previously this could just be an intermittent networking issue between the M-Power Server and the Mail Server. If the issue is not resolved after 15 mins the configuration of the mail server may have been changed.

If this is a new installation your current email server configuration is not comptible with the M-Power Emailing Component.

To modify your mail server configuration please contact the service provider for you email domain and verify that the mail server is allowing relay (using username and password is recommended).


Invalid Server Settings - Operation interrupted.

This is typically a connectivity problem. Wait a few minutes and try again. If he problem continues please contact M-Power Support for assistance.


Invalid Server Settings - Error during handshake.

This error is typically caused by selecting the smtp server type as SSL then supplying a non-ssl port number like 25 or 10025 or vice versa. Ensure that if the connection type is SSL you use SSL port numbers (e.g. 465 or 100465) or NON-SSL use non-ssl ports numbers (e.g. 25 or 10025).



Invalid Server Settings - mclsSmtpHtml protocol error. Could be caused by invalid or unnecessary user name and password.

Check that your smtp server requires a username and password. If required enter then, if not remove them. This error can also be related to a temporary connectivity issue, what a few minutes and try again before making any configuration changes to ensure this is not the case.


Which email server is M-Power using to send email?

From the Menu Ribbon select the Settings Tab then Email Settings Button to view the email server settings. From this form you can modify the server, username, password and port numbers.


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