Material Calculations

Item Profile

Materials for quotes and jobs are inserted from the item list. Within each item profile is the definition of its calculation type. 

When an item is added to a quote or job, the system uses these details to estimate how many materials are required for a given quantity. The calculation type can be over-ridden within the quote itself if required.

Expressing the Material Cost

It is important to note that there is a difference between the calculation used (which determines how much material is required) and how the price is expressed within the quote.

For instance - the most common calculation is the Roll. Using this method the system will return the percentage of a roll required - ie 4.5 rolls, 

Using the dimensions of 1370 x 45000 - The cost of the roll could be expressed as:

  • Full rolls ($400  per roll)
  • Lineal Metre ($8.889)
  • Square Metres  - ($6.48)

Make Sure Calculations are Consistent with Costing Method

It is important that there is a consistency between the highlighted areas - if you wish to express the price in lineal metres it is important that you designate lineal metres as the calculation method also (the example is incorrect as it would return 4.5 metres @ $8.89) See linked file below

If you did want to express the calculation in lineal metres as shown, you would enter the sheet height Y as 1000 (1 lineal metre) to maintain consistency

Recommended Method

Our recommended method is to use sheet or roll if it is purchased in this way. This is because the system will calculate the best yield and the total material required to be purchased or taken from stock.

Refer to the attached PDF for a full explanation of the different calculations available for use

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