CRM Overview


Managing sales pipelines and recording sales activities are essential building blocks to an effective sales and communication strategy. 

Sales activity is entered in the sales pipeline area, or entered directly into the file notes section of a client within the database.  Client contact details are updated (contact people and email addresses).  Follow-up actions /calls can be programmed which are allocated to the reps task list. 

This information will provide the basis for targeted email / direct mail / sample campaigns using the client profile segments – ie an email to all contacts.

M-Power has the ability to email directly using inbuilt email software or export to email and CRM campaign managers

Effective use of the sales pipeline and CRM elements of M-Power allow the company to proactively manage sales opportunities  and ensure that the organization’s IP is protected should the rep leave the company

The following KPI’s and patterns of behavior can be directly determined from daily call schedule:

  • Are they visiting low priority clients on a comfortable ‘run’, rather than working to qualify and farm their clients to a sales plan
  • Are reps  balancing their time between business development (prospecting) and account management.
  • Are they simply making enough calls to build their ‘funnel’ or pipeline

I strongly recommend that reps performance measures are based on more than absolute sales. If the sales activity is managed then the sales will take care of themselves.

Note - Revenue growth can only come from three sources – ensure you tie measurable KPIS and targets to each of these

  • Selling to new clients  -  > Client acquisition (hard)
  • Selling more range to existing clients  > account management
  • Increasing the prices of what you currently sell (conversely discounting to get work is the antithesis of this!)

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