Troublshooting MYOB Integration

M-Power writes to MYOB using their program interface. 

There are many MYOB issues that are beyond our control – for instance these include the way that MYOB controls license and lock files.  

If your file works on the test server it is likely to be IT issue and not covered under our support agreement however you can try the following options in order to resolve the issue.
  1. There are no items in the invoice lists for items and customers

    This suggests that the MYOB file is not connected to M-Power or you do not have permission to access the MYOB file

  2. Error - No Item Selected

    - There are blank lines in the invoice grid
    - There are lines where there is not at item selected from the list

    Delete blank lines and ensure all lines have an item ID

  3. Could not determine if the export is complete

    Typically means that the computer and MYOB need to be restarted as MYOB is in an unstable state. You can also see the article Deleting MYOB Lock Files for more information thought restarting the system is the best option if at all possible.

  4. Error shown relating to a particular field and Invoice/Bill was not created in MYOB

    It is possible that MYOB has refused the export due to characters contained in the data being exported. Possible fixes include ensuring that all commas and apostrophes are removed from the company name and the text in the grid and that the Unit Price is $0 or greater. If you need to do a credit then the qty will be negative and the unit proce positive.


You are unable to log into MYOB Directly or a MYOB dialog appears over M-Powe when exporting.

MYOB may have lost track of the users connected to the datafile and be disallowing new connections. See the section on Deleting MYOB Lock Files for more information. Also check that your network card is not going into power saving mode causing MYOB to lose its connection.

User Account Control (UAC) may be preventing the background service from opening MYOB  - open the Myobp.exe.manifest file with Notepad in the MYOB premier program directory and find and change the word highestAvailable to asInvoker.  Sometimes it may also be necessary to turn off UAC.

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