Understanding Profit Centres

M-Power uses the concept of Profit Centres or in other words Company Profiles.

Profit Centres allow multiple Brands/Divisions/Businesses to operate within a single M-Power Installation, each with individual branding, banking details, trading terms etc. You are also able to track sales separately for each profit centre. 

It is necessary to define at least one profit centre and this will typically be done during the installation phase. You can add additional profit centres as required.

How are Profit Centres used:

Each customer is related to a single profit centre. You can edit the profit centre field for a customer by navigating to their customer record and clicking the 'Details' button. From this form you can select the required profit centre.

When a quote, invoice etc. is created for a customer, the branding for the associated profit centre is used on the reports. In this manner your customers can see each profit centre as a totally different business if required.

Accessing Profit Centre Details:

1. From the main customer form select Settings
2. Select Company Profile form the settings list (you can search if required)
3. Using the arrows at the bottom of the screen navigate to the profit centre required

A Profit Centre contains the following items:

Company Name 
Bank Name and Account Information
Report Header and Footer Graphics
Terms of Trade for Quotes and Invoices
Conditions of Sale for Quotes and Invoices
Default Quote Introduction and Footer text (note used on all quote reports)

Creating a New Profit Centre:

1. From the Profit Centre Form, click on the 'New Record' arrow at the bottom left of the screen

2. Enter the details for the profit centre as required.


Reports are missing your graphical headers

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