Timing Overview

The Purpose of Timing Operations

Timing of operations allows your company to know the point at which an individual job is within your process along with what time has been spent on in the manufacturing process.

Some companies simply need to know when a particular operation on a job is complete to determine 'where it is at' in the manufacturing plant. Others may require discrete timing to be recorded at the operation level for each employee to provide very granular reporting. Obviously the level of data collection required to fulfil these two requirements is quite different. For this reason M-Power offers a number of different timing methods in order to tailor the system as closely as possible to your business processes and reporting requirements. It is possible to use multiple methods in some cases in different areas of your facility.

Timing Methods:
  1. Clocking ON-OFF (who is here now, when they arrived and when they left for the day)
  2. 1-Scan Update (a particular process is complete - timing not recorded
  3. Jobcard Time Scanning (who did what, for how long and what operations are complete) 
  4. On-Screen Timing (same as point 3 above)

Which timing methods suits our business?

  Situation:  We just want to know where our jobs are at, times are un-important
  Best Fit:   1-Scan Update

  Situation:  We each have our own computer / We want a paperless factory
  Best Fit:   On-Screen Timing

  Situation:  We need to know who is here and how long they were here each day
  Best Fit:   Clock ON-OFF - note: can be combined with any of the other methods

  Situation:  We want to verify that what we are quoting matches reality
  Best Fit:   Jobcard Time Scanning or On-Screen Timing

How do we use each method?

M-Power provides all methods in the Factory Interface in addition to On-Screen Timing in the Main M-Power Interface. Typically On-Screen scanning is used by admin/design staff who have their own computer and may also need to access customer/job/quote etc. data in addition to logging their time. The Factory Interface is typically used for all staff who do not need access to information other than Jobcards, Receiving Goods and Dispatching.

Below are links to articles detailing the individual timing methods:
  • Clock ON-OFF
  • 1-Scan Update
  • Jobcard Time Scanning
  • On-Screen Timing (Factory Interface)
  • On-Screen Timing (Main M-Power Interface)

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