Inventory Transfers/Adjustments

M-Power has a systematic way of recording inventory used in jobs or sold from stock. 

Here are some scenarios where you may want to transfer/adjust inventory items outside these systems:

1. After counting the inventory for an Item (e.g. Stock Take)
2. Bulk Entry of Manufactured Stock Qty's
3. When manufacturing a stock part that upon completion is entered into Inventory for later sale.
4. You want to account for loss - for instance, rework or damaged goods
5. You want to transfer goods between multiple sites

There operations are handled slightly differently and are detailed below.

Committing Raw Materials in Jobs and Incrementing Inventory for Manufactured Parts

Option 1. - Committing Materials when Creating Job
  1. Open the Job
  2. Select the Variation required
  3. Open the Materials Sub-Section (1)
  4. Click the Commit button for all materials you wish to commit from Inventory (2)

Option 2. - Committing Materials upon Job Completion

An alternative is to commit the materials when the job is completed and you know exactly what was used rather than what was estimated. It is possible to commit inventory when creating the job and then modify the counts upon job creation if required.
  1. Open the Job
  2. Select the Tools Tab
  3. Select Job Summary
  4. In the Job Summary screen select the Inventory Tab
  5. Click View Items (A)
  6. If you have already Committed items they will be in the list and able to be edited
  7. If not, click Apply Items and edit qty's as required (B)
  8. If you are adding finished parts back to Inventory, click the [+] button to add an item. You can then edit the qty as required (C)
  9. When complete just close the form
  • Negative Values are reducing (removing from) inventory
  • Postitive Values are increasing (adding to) inventory

Updating Inventory Qty (Stock Take)
  1. Select Inventory Control from the Ribbon Menu
  2. Select Stock Count
  3. In the 'New Row' at the bottom, enter the Item Code and Qty in Inventory

Inventory Transfer (Adding To or Removing Qty's From Inventory / Losses / Rework / Damaged Goods / Moving between Sites)
  1. Select Inventory Control from the Ribbon Menu (1)
  2. Select Transfer (2)
  3. Select New [+] (3)
  4. Enter a Description & Reason for the Transfer (4) - This must be done before entering items. You can use the [+] button beside the field to add reasons if required.
  5. Either select the Item from the Drop-Down list or click the [+] button to search (4). If searching enter the text to search, then click the arrow button to add to the list. 
  6. Enter the Qty and if required Location (4)
  • Positive Values Increment (add to) Inventory
  • Negative Values Decrement (remove from) inventory

* Note that Inventory Control and Multi-Site Inventory Control are not available in all subscription levels.

** For more information on Inventory in general please read the Principles of Inventory Control and Understanding Inventory Items articles.

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