Adding a New Job

  • Find the client
  • Press jobs button on client page
  • Press [+] new job
  • Enter order details (Po number / Due date / contact / description)  in left area of screen
  • Select an item or template from centre area of screen
  • For some items a Wizard form will Popup on the screen
               Complete the Wizard fields – only make a selection in the areas that are relevant                            (typically quantities / and materials)
               Press the Next Button (bottom left)
  • Add the part sizes using the Add part button and press submit
  •  Add / Modify the invoice items (that the client will see on their invoice in bottom area)
  • Press materials button on right menu and add or delete materials as required
  • Press operations button on right menu and delete, add, reorder processes as required
  • Add production note to the appropriate processes as required
  • Press [order form] button at top of menu to return to main order screen
  • Press jobcard text to preview jobcard
  • Print the jobcard

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