Connecting to M-Power from Linux Operating Systems


There are a number of programs available on the Linux platform that allow Remote Desktop connections if using a window manager or the Command Line. In most cases your distribution will already have at least one of the programs listed below installed or at least available for installation through it's package management system.


Command Line

Quoting wikipedia, rdesktop is commonly used on desktop Linux installations to connect to Microsoft Windows computers running Remote Desktop Services, including Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Terminal Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista,Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows 7. There are many GUI clients, like tsclient, Gnome-RDP and KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Connection), which are built on top of rdesktop. rdesktop is easily involked from the command line using switches to set ip address, screen resolution etc.

e.g. rdesktop -u username -p password -f (fullscreen connecting to server at ip: on port 3389 - the standard rdp port)

If you ommit the username/password you will be prompted each time you open the connection to enter them.

More information can be found about rdesktop here: or by typing 'man rdesktop' at the command line or the man (manual) page online here:


Graphical (GUI) Clients

The graphical clients are generally all built on top of rdesktop and the once you choose will dictated by the windows manager you are using in linux.

  • Gnome

Gnome users should try either of the following

- Tsclient, information is available here:

- Gnome-RDP, information is available here:

  • KDE

KDE users should try KRDC, information is available here:

The graphical clients generally offer a means to save the settings and credentials to make reconnection easy in a production environment. In the case of the command line, talk to us about encoding the rdesktop command line call into a barcode so your users can simply open a terminal and scan a barcode to login.

 Disclaimer: M-Power Software does not have any connection with any of the software packages ('apps') listed above, use at your own risk.

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