Batch Scanning

In some cases many jobs are processed at the same time through an operation – in a batch. For example, a number of different digital stickers may be processed in the same print run. A number of screens may be cleaned or made at one time.

The Batch Scan feature makes it quick to scan multiple job cards into an operation, and then close them off on completion. The time taken is prorated across the number of jobs in the batch

How to Batch Scan

1. Press the batch on button at the start of batch – it will read [batch off] to start with. When you press the button it will turn RED and issue a batch number to track the contents of the batch with

2. Start to scan in the normal manner  - When you select the Long Barcode to scan on, it will prompt you with a reminder whether you want to add to batch – press Yes

3. Continue to scan in the jobs in the normal manner – the cursor will remain in the scan box until you have finished scanning in the jobs in the batch.

4. When you have finished scanning the last job card in the batch – press the Batch on button to turn off the batch. The press the [close batch] button.

A popup form will appear with the ‘open’ batches. Select the batch > with the arrow button, and then press the tick button for each job in the batch. Follow the normal prompts to close off the operations.

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