The Role of Scanning


The recommended practice is to have staff scan their start and finish times + the materials used into the scanning stations. This achieves the following: 

  • Updates work in progress  with the current status of a job
  • Updates job costing information allowing comparison to quoted times
  •  Updates the production schedule
  • Updates productivity figures
  •  Updates inventory figures

Providing staff are doing this in a systematic way it provides valuable information for customer service and for job costing and general KPI figures.

The scanning figures also provide a feedback loop that allows us to check the accuracy of quoting


Note:   At the end of the day it is recommended that the Operations Manager review the days work and ensure that staff are logged out of the system. This is carried out in  settings/productivity area. They can also review the days work and counsel staff who are not diligent in their scanning 

Getting the Most Out of Scanning

The following guidelines will assist in getting the most out of scanning

  • Ensure that operations you wish to scan are shown on the job card with barcodes
  • Ensure that staff scan the operations barcodes off the job card – this updates WIP with the next process on the list

Troubleshooting Scanning Problems

People forgetting to scan off when they leave for a day or at a break.

While the next time they log on they will be prompted to log off, for accuracy that record needs to be fixed by manually entering finishing time.


A person is unable to scan on.
Occasionally due to a network problem, and operator is able to log on two jobs at the same time, this causes the scanning system to stop working – an error correction tool is found in productivity reports section.

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