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The role of the operations manager is typically to be completely conversant with every job in the work-in-progress and ensure that notes are made in the file log so that customer service people and reps can pro-actively keep their clients inform and pull approvals etc through the system.

The Work-in-Progress can be considered a ‘pipeline’ and the role of the operations manager is to push and pull jobs through the system to the other end. This requires being conversant with the status of each job and solving the issues that are necessary to resume the job moving down the pipeline.

There are many different reports that can be accessed and added to you personal reports menu. Which reports you consider appropriate will depending on the length of your order cycle and the complexity of the jobs, and also the particular bottlenecks that you have.

Here is a list of typical reports that may be of value

Print out the WIP List with notes

This report outlines the status of all jobs Work-in-Progress along with notes. This allows the ops manager to identify any jobs that have stalled

Print out the Jobs on Hold

The jobs on hold lists and jobs that are on hold along with their notes

Print the Production Schedule and Prioritize

Print the productions schedule for bottleneck processes and ensure that the inputs are available to allow the job to be manufactured to this point. Update the schedule, deleting the processes that may have already being completed for the given point

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