Setting up File System Integration


M-Power includes a File Integration feature that when enabled will manage the computers directory structure underneath a specified folder, adding folders for Customers, Quotes, Orders and other objects automatically. This feature also provides a means to open the specific folder quickly and also to copy or link files to various objects in the database as required.

In order to user this feature you need to setup a few parameters. To begin got to Settings->File System Integration

The first thing to setup is the base or root path. This is the folder that you would like M-Power to manage. If this folder is shared on the network you can also set the mapped drive path from which the users access it. When the files for an object are view in M-Power this 'Client Path' is copied to the users clipboard allowing them to just paste the path into windows explorer to quickly drill right into the same folder.

Once you have set the root folder you can start creating the directory structure you would like to use. M-Power allows you to set this up however you please. It uses the concept of 'Plain Folders' and 'Place Holder Folders'. Plain folders are just normal folder in the computer's file system. Place Holder Folders are replaced on-the-fly with the identified (Quote or Order Number) or in the case of companies, the company name. When a new quote is created M-Power will automatically create the folders you specify in the file system the first time you link or attach a file. For this reason it is important to fully setup the file structure to begin with. Add all of the relevant objects to the tree in the format you prefer.

A structure like this would translate to the file system like the example below.

Once you have all of the objects setup you can turn the File System Integration feature on, this will then enable it in all of the file attachment/link dialogs throughout the system as shown below.

If any of the objects have been missed the dialog will show a warning, prompting you to complete the setup. Note that you are still able to link and attach files in this state, M-Power will just not manage them in a specific structure. Linked files can only be linked from their current location, not copied to the Quote/Order etc. folder. Attachments are always managed internally in the database. 

Using the File System Integration Features:

Please see this Knowledge Base article on how you can use the file system integration features.


If the 'treeview' showing the file system structure is blank please contact M-Power Customer Support ( for assistance.

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