Adding items To Purchase Orders

The minimum required to create a purchase order is simply a line description and quantity

It is however recommended to add items to purchase orders as this provides a fast way of generating the unit price and description.

It also allow for the controlled receipt of the goods through the inwards goods system

Adding a Item to the Purchase Order

There are two methods of adding lines to the purchase order. The most flexible is to press the + button highlighted above - by default this pulls up a list of items from the supplier.

By entering search keywords and categories you can filter all items in the item list and add them to the Purchase Order by selecting the item

The default price, item description will be copied to the Purchase Order and can be edited as required

The second method is to select an item off the drop down list - the list items include items tagged as favourites as well as items tagged to the supplier

Modifying the Description

The description to be shown on the Purchase Order can be edited directly

Tax Rate

If no tax rate is specified then the default tax rate will be shown on the purchase order - typically the GST rate

Stock Code

The Stock code can be edited in the item profile - press the > button below the + button to modify the item profile

Deleting a Line

A line on the purchase order can be deleted by pressing the X button

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