Item Pricing within Purchase Orders

When an item is added to a purchase order, the unit price shown on the purchase order is drawn from the item profile.

The item profile is also used to generate prices used in quotes so not all elements are used in the purchase order section

The following logic applies:

No Entry

If there is no entry in the METHOD or BUY PRICE LIST  then the [buy price] for the item is entered

Price List

If Price list is entered as a method, then the price is drawn from the price list specified in the Buy Price list Area.

Note that a price list typically requires a quantity - this quantity is drawn from the line detail on the purchase order.

If this quantity is changed then the system will check if the new quantity will generate a different price and  prompt you to override the price

Other Setting

Methods such a lineal metre, square metres etc are not relevant to the purchase order section so the system will default to the buy price.

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