Deleting MYOB Lock Files


Please read the Troubleshooting MYOB Integration article before performing the procedure.

1. Ensure that all users are logged out MYOB

If you find that you cannot delete the files in step two then you may have to log all users out of M-Power also.

You can check this using the Task Manager in Windows (Start->Run then type taskmgr and hit enter), ensure that everyone is out and there are no processes remaining for either program. It is important that this step is completed otherwise the following steps will fail.

In the case of MYOB Premier you would look for myobp.exe, and for M-Power msaccess.exe as shown below. if any items remain after everyone has logged out you will have to end the processes manually. To do this select each and right-click, then select End Process. The item should shortly disappear from the list.

2. Locate the folder where the MYOB datafile is situated, here the MYOB 'Lock' files need to be deleted.

To do this, search for files the the .flk extension, select and deleted each one. If you are unable to delete on of these files please verify step 1 as another user may have started either M-Power or MYOB in the interim.

3. If you still cannot delete the lock files, ensure that there are no users connecting to the MYOB datafile from the MYOB application on their own computers.

4. Once the lock files are deleted try starting M-Power then MYOB to verify the connection is now functioning. 

5. If the problem persists please re-start the server computer and verify this has fixed the issue.

6. If all of these steps fail please contact M-Power Support for assistance.

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