Understanding Invetory Items

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Items have a very broad purpose within M-Power. Item can be any of the following:
  • Items we sell
  • Materials that we buy
  • Services that we buy
  • Placeholders - these are generic descriptions for materials
  • Items that customers supply for us to process
  • Even objects like tanks which we want to control flow in and out of
The item will show in different parts of M-Power depending on how we setup an item

Inventory Items can be flagged in number of ways, how they are flagged effects how the item is treated in different places within M-Power. There are two main areas where the the check-boxes to edit these flags are located within the Inventory Item screen.


Here you will find the settings as follows:
  • Item Is Active 

    If this item is not flagged as active it is hidden in the lists and selection boxes of the system. Note that we never delete an item, they are simply marked as in-active by un-ticking this flag. This is because we still want to retain historical use of the item even if we intend that it is never used again

  • Item Is Inventoried  

    Inventoried items have there stock levels maintained and also appare in inventory lists such as stock count and valuation reports.

  • Item Is Purchase 

    Technically any item can be purchased

  • Item Is Sold 

    The item will appear in the items list which appears in orders and quotes.

  • Item Is Manufactured 

    The item is the result of an internal manufacturing process so will have a template attached

  • Item Is A Favorite

    The item will appear on short lists within orders and quotes (materials section)

  • Item Is On Shortlist 

    The item will appear on short lists


Here you will find the more feature specific flag settings:

  • Item Is A QA Cost Item -

    This will allow the item to be filtered in the cost section of a Non-Conformance Report

  • Item Is A Wizard Placeholder - 

    Placeholders are the generic names for materials that are used in a quote or job. The generic name of a 'Substrate' might be used to represent a group of materials such as Fluteboard, Aluminium

  • Item Is A Web Item - 

    This can be used to flag items that are uploaded and synchronised to an online shop such as Pressero

  • Customer Supplied Item - 

    This flags items that are customer supplied so that they can trigger certain procedures on receipt and exclusion from some reports and lists

  • Item Is A Card / Finance Fee -

    This item is used for adding Card/Finance fees to Invoices. Please see this article for more information on this feature.

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