How do I connect to M-Power


M-Power can be hosted on your own server, or on our cloud-based server.

Depending on how M-Power is hosted you can access M-Power in the following ways:

  • Web Browser
  • Remote desktop
  • Remote APP


  • A username and password on the computer that M-Power is installed on
  • The IP address or Host Name and Port (typically 3389) of the computer that M-Power is installed on
  • The Operating system you are connecting from

Operating System Specific Instructions:

Adjusting the size of the M-Power window  / Making the M-Power window Fullscreen:

Adjusting the size of Icons/M-Power within the Remote Desktop Session:

From within the Remote Desktop window, right-click on the desktop and select 'Screen Resolution' then 'Make test and other items larger or smaller'. Here you can choose a level of magnification, typically 125% is sufficient. If the options are greyed out you may need to apply a Microsoft Hotfix to the server computer, more details at this link:


My Session starts but is immediately logged out

- Check with your system administrator to ensure that your user account on the server is a member of the Remote Desktop Users security group.

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