Connecting to M-Power


The M-Power Software system is run using a 'Terminal Server', this means that the software actually runs on the server computer. All users typically connect to the server using Remote Desktop Desktop client software.

This configuration provides very good performance without overloading IT networks and also allows virtually any Operating System to be used by client computers. Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple IOS and Android all have Remote Desktop Clients available. 


  • A username and password on the computer that M-Power is installed on
  • The IP address or Host Name and Port (typically 3389) of the computer that M-Power is installed on
  • The Operating system you are connecting from

Operating System Specific Instructions:

Adjusting the size of the M-Power window  / Making the M-Power window Fullscreen:

Adjusting the size of Icons/M-Power within the Remote Desktop Session:

From within the Remote Desktop window, right-click on the desktop and select 'Screen Resolution' then 'Make test and other items larger or smaller'. Here you can choose a level of magnification, typically 125% is sufficient. If the options are greyed out you may need to apply a Microsoft Hotfix to the server computer, more details at this link:


My Session starts but is immediately logged out

- Check with your system administrator to ensure that your user account on the server is a member of the Remote Desktop Users security group.

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