MYOB Integration Overview


Initial Configuration:

M-Power connects to MYOB using a driver that is supplied by MYOB for a fee. As a Developer Partner, M-Power has free access to this driver providing we supply MYOB with your serial number so they can unlocked it on our behalf. Please contact M-Power Support ( to arrange the unlocking and connection of your datafile.

For the best possible performance and least chance of network related issues we recommend that the MYOB datafile is placed on the M-Power Server machine. We can install the MYOB client application on this machine also so you can access MYOB as you would M-Power through the remote desktop application.

M-Power exports Customer Cards along with Sales and Purchases as Items, for this reason there needs to be corresponding Sell and Buy items setup in MYOB. In each case the items need to be linked to the Income and Expense accounts you require. See the articles below for details on how to setup these items.

Performing Exports:

See the individual articles below for details on the steps for performing each type of export.

Troubleshooting Issues:

See the article Troubleshooting MYOB Integration for more information.

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